Speed Testing + Hitting Assessment Opportunity

Pelotero is offering speed testing for $50 along with a free hitting assessment at 180 Performance next week (that’s a $150 value!). The testing utilizes new technology which evaluates acceleration, top velocity and more for running, as well as swing mechanics, bat speed and more for hitting. This information will help identify the specific areas of speed and hitting development you need to focus on. Players will receive their performance data and insights/training recommendations for how to make improvements.

Hitting and Speed are very important tools for baseball players.  Improving these tools will help greatly with on-field performance as well as recruiting.  You don’t want to miss this excellent opportunity to learn what you need to focus on to improve your hitting and speed for your continued development as a player.

Speed testing and hitting assessments are available on December 27 and 28. There are times available where you can do the speed testing and your hitting assessment together if you’d like to complete both on the same day.

Speed testing is optional but highly recommended. Use the links below to sign up. 

Monday, Dec 27 Speed Testing


Tuesday, Dec 28 Speed Testing


The hitting sessions are set up for 8 players per session. Assessments typically take 15 minutes.

Hitters will need verified HitTrax accounts. We will need to have their HitTrax username and password available before arriving.

Link for instructions on this:

Monday, Dec 27 Hitting Assessments

Tuesday, Dec 28 Hitting Assessments

If you have any questions about this offer, please email contact@pelotero.com.

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