About Us

History of Action Baseball Club

In 2006, Keith and Tracey noticed a lack of training and advocacy for athletes wanting to go to the next level in baseball. Action Baseball was then formed to create a new standard of players who excel both on and off the field. What began in 2006 with one team of 16-year-old players has blossomed into Texas’ most trusted traveling baseball team.

Fast forward to today, Keith and Tracey are most proud of watching the number of athletes that go through the Action program, excel in high school, reach their baseball dreams, thrive in life off the field, and even come back and coach for Action.

First Action Team 2007

Future of Action Baseball Club

The current and future program of Action strives to grow the game of baseball and the players committed to it. In order to continue developing top-notch athletes on and off the field, Action is dedicated to:

  • Adapting and growing with the ever-changing technology to provide our players with the best
  • Telling the Action story and increasing awareness to reach more athletes
  • Being at the forefront of digital recruitment and relationships

Why Action Baseball Club

The Action Baseball Club’s mission is to develop both player and person for the next phase of life, whether that is college baseball, professional baseball, or academics. Action accomplishes this by providing:

  • A state of the art training facility (learn more about 180 here)
  • A one of a kind strength speed classroom
  • Quality coaches and staff
  • Community involvement
  • Commitment to the player and person
  • Off the field classes and guidance including drug and alcohol counseling.

As a successful college development program, Action is recognized nationally by recruiters who see us not only for our talent but for building well-rounded players on and off the field. Action’s participation in elite events gives the players the opportunity to showcase their talents and compete at the highest levels of competition.

Action welcomes players who excel in the classroom, are great teammates, hard workers, and future leaders. With the professionalism of our staff and the devotion of our players, the Action program continues to develop players who succeed at the next level. 


Chris Young

Chris Young is a bullpen coach for the Chicago Cubs.  Chris knows Keith and the Action Baseball Club from his years of recruiting players as well as now as a parent with his 11 year old son being part of the Action Baseball Club Youth program.  Listen to Chris’ story and his testimony of Keith and the Action Baseball Club!

Sean Mason

Sean played with Action Baseball Club from 2010-2013 and then went on to play throughout college for Appalachian State.  Sean was a leader on the ball field and continues to be a strong leader in his current role as a Legislative Assistant at the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC!

Action Parent Testimonial

What did Action provide you that helped you navigate the world of youth and high school select baseball?
Action Baseball provides full scale player development aimed at developing children both on and off the field. Their commitment to developing not only baseball skills but also the next generation of leaders is second to none. Action teaches players how important their actions are on the field, in the classroom, and out in society to ensure that they are well rounded. In addition to that, Action focuses on top coaching talent that ensures players are getting the very best training available

What was the most important thing you got out of your child playing for Action?
Action is great at teaching kids discipline and showing them how their hard work translates not only on the field but also in real life.

How did Action help you through the recruiting phase?
They are the pillar of stability during the crazy time of recruiting. Recruiting is a critical part where life changing decisions are made. Action's knowledge and experience have been amazing and having the ability to learn from and lean on them for guidance has been crucial as we work to get Andrew to the next level.

How was your experience at Action?
Over the past 6 years, our experience has been an amazing journey. Every organization is going to deal with their share of challenges, but Action always focuses on their North Star of doing the right thing for the player. We could not have chosen a better fit for our family and know that their guidance and development were key to Andrew having such amazing success!
Jason Hardin
Father of Andrew Hardin (Action Baseball 2015 to Present)