Tournament Policy

  1. Action Baseball collaborates with many tournament providers throughout the season.
  2. The majority of these providers can be found on the Parent page under important links of the Action website.
  3. Season tournaments are outlined below:
    1. High School – Summer: 6 tournaments with one team in each age group representing Action in Atlanta Perfect Game tournament.
    2. High School – Fall: The season will be a combination of double headers, tournaments, and showcases.  Showcase tournaments will be by invitation only and will be an additional cost.
    3. Youth – Spring: 10 tournaments
    4. Youth – Fall: 6 tournaments


Action Baseball Club:

  1. Roster maintenance.  High School rosters will be 13-14 in the fall and 16-18 in the summer.  Youth rosters will have 10-12 players.  
  2. Ensure all players are properly rostered and roster submission meets standards of the tournament provider.
  3. When schedules post, GENERALLY IN 4-7 DAYS BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT, update players/parents with game details.
  4. Game details include time, place and opponent.  The location will be taken from the tournament providers’ website and be configured to open in various mapping applications.
  5. Provide adequate communication regarding invitations to showcase tournaments and the position players will be offered.
  6. Secure hotel reservations for teams going to Atlanta.


  1. Ensure completion of all player information and registration updates with the tournament providers.
    1. V Tool requires parents to register with the team.  Action will send a link for completion.
    2. Perfect Game requires a parental authorization one time and each year a Release Form.
  2. Be familiar with the tournament providers’ websites.  You should be able to find updated schedules, venue information, rules, and contact information.  NOTE:  Please do not contact tournament directors without contacting someone from the organization first.
  3. If schedules change and are not updated please notify the communications director in the organization. The information on the tournament provider’s website is used first if it does not match Action’s game schedule.
  4. Action will select 20-22 players for the Atlanta Perfect Game tournament.  Players will consist of 2 catchers, 1 1st baseman, 4 infielders, 1 utility, 4 outfielders to include a designated hitter, and 9-11 players designated as pitchers only.  If an invitation is received the player/parent has 48 hours to accept the invitation.  Invitations will be coordinated through the communication director via text.


  1. You are responsible for arrival times and uniforms until delegated to someone else.  You will have administrative rights to your team page in SportsEngine and can complete the updates or ask for assistance from a parent.  If a parent requires access please contact the communications director.