Meet John Anderson

John Anderson

Pitching Coordinator

We are proud to announce John Anderson, Minor League Left-Handed Pitcher since 2008, will be the Pitching Coordinator at Action’s Winter Camp! 

John has spent the past 14 years playing across the country at the professional level. As a high schooler in California, he only played 3 innings at the varsity level and was cut his Senior year. With a passion for the game and a competitive drive, he overcame adversity and walked-on at Chabot College in CA. In 2008, he was drafted by the Blue Jays in the 28th Round and is still pitching today. He spent the 2021 season across the Mexican Baseball League (LMB). 

With an open mind in addition to his experience, training and a competitive background, John is constantly striving to learn more and find better ways to help each player reach his or her potential. His hands-on approach to the mental side of pitching is his expertise, and is well versed in today’s technology. Whether you are at the youth level, or a professional, you can expect your talent to improve in every aspect. 

We are lucky enough to have Anderson work with our athletes as the Pitching Coordinator for Action’s Winter Camp!