CenterForce Demo

Action Baseball wants to give you an opportunity to come and see a Demo for the CenterForce Hitter. The CenterForce Hitter was invented by Tim Hallmark and created for athletes that play rotational sports. A few of the players in the organization have been using the CenterForce and have improved in both exit velocity and distance, one has gained 7mph for his exit velo in a month.

I have used the CenterForce hitter since Tim built the first prototype. As an athlete I was always looking for an edge and this machine was the answer. When I first got on it I knew exactly what the purpose of it was, and that was to connect my lower half with my upper half to make a more efficient and powerful swing. There are numerous professional athletes that have used it and have great testimonials to attach with it and we are hoping you can come out and see what the CenterForce is all about.

The dates for the demonstrations will be: 

Sunday February 20th from 1-3pm 

Friday March 4th from 7-8:30pm

Sunday March 13th from 1-3pm

Per demo we are only allowing 20 slots for players and families to attend and hear what the CenterForce is all about and the results you can receive from it to become a more well rounded and powerful hitter. For any questions please feel free to contact Kyle Gray at:

If you want to get to know more about Tim Hallmark you can check out Tim at 

Kyle Gray
Director of Action Baseball