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 Action Baseball  Player Agreement

Player Rules and Conduct

1.Always attend practice:  In the event of extreme cases where you are unable to attend practice, due to illness or emergency, you must contact a coach by email.  This is the responsibility of the players, not the parents.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in disciplinary action.  Note: If a number of practices are missed, your position on the team may be adjusted.
2. Accountablility: Be accountable for yourself.  This is your experience and you will be the only person responsible for what you get out of it. Exemplary work ethic is an intricate part of Action Baseball tradition. Be in charge of your tools..i.e. your equipment.  These are what you use to be your best.  Take care of your things.
3. Be early: Tardiness to games and practices will not be tolerated.  Arrive early and prepare mentally and physically to perform.
4. Team Representation: Players and parents are representing the Action Baseball Club at all games, tournaments, and events.  Please remember this and do not do anything to embarrass the organization or yourself. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Our club has a reputation within the recruiting arena for producing players of high character and exceptional ability. Whenever you are wearing the Kelly Green colors you are on display. This includes when you are off the, parking lots, restaurants, etc.  Please represent your club with pride at all times. 
  • Foul, vulgar or offensive language or body language will not be tolerated.
  • Arguing with umpires/officials/coaches will not be tolerated.
  • All players will be supportive of each other at all times, even if you are not in the lineup.
  • Players will be respectful and courteous on and off the field, to each other and the coaching staff. This includes players and coaches of opposing teams.

5. Proper Rest: You will be expected to get proper rest throughout the season.  Players are expected to be prepared both mentally and physically at all times.
6. Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco: The use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco is prohibited at all times.  Use of any of these substances will result in suspension from the program, being sent home at the parents expense from the tournament, and probable dismissal from the team.  If a player is reported as using any of these substances, they may be asked by a Action staff member to submit to a voluntary drug test. Action is a College Development Program. Participating in these types of habits will not allow you to succeed now or at the next level.
7. Classroom: All players are expected to have a strong commitment to their academic success so that they will be able to reach the highest level of personal growth, and professional achievement both on and off the field.
8. Roster Changes: Your roster position may be changed at any time during the season, based upon stafff evaluations, performance, increased playing time needed, disciplinary reasons etc.  Players are encouraged to compete for their positions. Staff has the option of moving players between teams of the same age level at their discretion as a player developes or regresses during the season.
8. Religious Tolerence: Action Baseball is a non-denominational organization. All players and staff members will respect the religious views of all of our participants and will not discriminate based upon religious affiliations, race or color. 

Coaches Commitment: Action selects coaches who have an incredible passion for the game of baseball and want to become an intricate part in the success of the players who wear kelly green. Our coaches will dedicate themselves the the task of having our players as prepared as they possibly can be for all events we attend.  We commit to preparing our players to compete, and to coach the players in a manner that will benefit the overall success of the team and player to the best of our abilities. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times.


Action Player Agreement
 Parent Conduct

  • 1. No inappropriate language or trash talking toward players, coaches, umpires, or staff.  This includes our team as well as the opposing team.
  • 2. Parents will wait at least 24 hours before communicating with the staff after a game.  If you have a situation of concern, email the coach with your thoughts.  If the issue is not resolved with the coach and Player/Parent, the coach will notify the Director and he will attempt to resolve the issue with fairness to both parties.
  • 3. Parents are not to make disparaging remarks, period.
  • 4. No coaching from the bleachers will be tolerated at any time.  Players need to hear one message from one voice...his coach.  No parents are to approach the dugout for any reason during a game.  Players need to manage their own drinks and gear.
  • 5. Players need to learn from their mistakes.  Do not make excuses or place blame.  Baseball is a game of failure and success. The player will learn from both experiences.
  • 6. Remember that your son is being evaluated not only  by the staff, but by the recruiting community.  If recruiters have interest in your son, they will look to you and evaluate your behavior  as well. Please make your son proud by acting appropriately and with his best interest at all times.
  • 7. Be positive with your son when practices and games are over.  Let him start the conversation, after he has had time to unwind, reflect and process.  Feed him!!
  • 8. Do not show animosity or jealousy toward any of your player's teammates.  This type of behavior has the ability to destroy a team's chemistry and will not be tolerated.  Our goal is to teach your player to perform as a member of a 'team'. A 'team' gives credit to the team as a whole, not the individual accomplishments of players.  A player will represent his own abilities greatest when he is representing himself maturely and suupporting his teammates in success. It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.
  • 9. Be Kind.

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